How to Type Rupee Symbol in HTML? Add INR Symbol in HTML Unicode

Want to know how to add INR rupee symbol in HTML? Use the Unicode for Indian rupee symbol.

How to Add INR Symbol in HTML?

If you want to include Indian rupee symbol in your HTML on websites and blogs, you will have too use the Unicode value assigned for Indian rupee (INR).

When using a WYSIWIG editor for adding content on your website, you can simply copy-paste the symbol from here.

INR Symbol for web page:

Currently, the Indian rupee currency symbol does not have any HTML entity like euro: €.

So, we need to use the decimal value or hex value for representing the Indian rupee symbol.

Here’s a sample code for inserting Indian rupee symbol in HTML code.

UTF-8 Currency Symbol for INR (₹)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>INR Symbol in HTML</title>

<p>Decimal value for INR: &#8360;</p>
<p>Decimal value for INR: &#8377;</p>
<p>Hex value for INR: &#x20A8;</p>
<p>Hex value for INR: &#x20B9;</p>
<p>Price for product = &#x20b9; 9500</p>
<p>Price for product = &#8377; 5500</p>
<p>Price in INR = &#8360; 500</p>
<p>Price in Rupees = &#x20a8; 2000</p>


You can use a PNG file instead of the rupee symbol:  rupee.

Insert INR Rupee Symbol in Hindi (रू)

If your website is in Hindi, you will need the Hindi rupee symbol.

You can use the Unicode character रू for Hindi version of rupee (Rs).

However, older web browsers may not support the HTML5 entities for Indian rupee in the example. Google Chrome will support all HTML entities. good support. Only IE 11+ (Internet Explorer) and Firefox 35+ support all the entities.