Rupee Font Foradian: Download & Install Rupee Font on PC

One of the first Indian Rupee fonts was released by Foradian. It is a quick method for including the Rupee symbol (INR sign) in your documents and PDF files for printing. It can be used when you need to include the Rupee (Rs) symbol in your printed letters, documents or invoices.

  1. Download the Rupee Foradian.
  2. Install to fonts of your PC/computer system. (For Windows, copy the font and paste it to the designated font folder. You can find it in the Computer settings page or Add/Remove Applications page.)
  3. Now open your Word or application and select the Rupee font.
  4. Use the tilde ( ~ or “Squiggly” ) button to insert the Rupee sign.

Rupee Foradian

Please note that using this font in MS Word or Excel documents which will be accessed or shared with others is not recommended. It works only on computers with the font installed.